East Village Bar & Diner opened in Spring 2013 at the site of a former post office in the historical Veveří district of Brno. The name 'East Village' reflects our interest in the aesthetics and atmosphere of American bar and diner culture in combination with Brno's specific geographic location.

Our concept is based on an open kitchen, a typical feature of American diners, which comprises an integral part of the bar area. The kitchen is open late (at least until 1 AM). All of our dishes are based on authentic American recipes. Hamburgers are the staple of our menu, hand made daily from fresh locally sourced beef. Our buns are baked fresh daily. We also offer cheesesteaks, chicken wings, sandwiches, bagels, pancakes, classic sides, BBQ pork with sweet and tangy sauce, and classic breakfast items served throughout day.

We offer draught Czech beer (Policka, Breclav), Irish Guinness, a large selection of wine, liquers, cocktails, sodas, juices and authentic American soft drinks (Mountain Dew, Barq's Cream Soda, A&W Root Beer). We also prepare a wide selection of hot drinks, and coffee- based drinks, including the classic bottomless cup of American coffee.

You'll find our vibrant staff is comprised of diverse individuals, each contributing to the East Village's unique environment. We hope you feel at home, regardless of whichever part of the world you may come from.

Yours East Village.